So You Want To Become An Appraiser???
If your answer is YES, you have come to the right web site!  Your first step is to get the required education completed, to make sure this is really the right career for you.  Are you sitting down...well then, let's begin.

GET THE 90 HOURS OF EDUCATION...and get the most out the the course. Go to the course with an understanding that the more you get out of the course, the more you will be able to earn once you enter this field. Do not be satisfied with minimum requirements. make sure you learn all the terms, definitions, formulas, standards, and the approaches. These are the keys to your success in this field.

Actually Do an Appraisal...This becomes your calling card for a position. How or why would an appraisal firm hire you if you cannot even fill out a form showing you can do a simple appraisal. This seems to be overlooked, and many newcomers to the business hope someone will hire them when they cannot even show the potential employer that they are capable of filling out a form. Don't expect to get a job if you are unwilling to put in the extra effort and actually try to do several appraisals as a practice makes perfect approach to your new career goals.

Look the part...dress like an appraiser, not a pencil salesperson and certainly not a nightclub entertainer. You dress conservatively, and you can still maintain a casual atmosphere in your dress style. Always be professional and dress the part when going on the interview.

Don't talk money...wait for an offer, and if you can live with this for right now, you should accept the offer. Why negotiate a better deal, only to have the firm disappointed by your performance on your first several transactions. Start slow, and work towards a monetary goal. Remember, this is a service industry, and you are actually performing an appraisal for a client. Your employer is responsible to make sure that your work is satisfactory, and if it is not they must take the time to fix it. Who pays for this?

Learn your neighborhood...where are you going and willing to appraise homes? Make sure you let the firm know this upfront! Many people accept any job and start complaining within weeks, because they want something different. Be honest and you will find your employer more receptive to your requests. Don't agree to anything and then go back on a promise.

Don't Lie! If you have a problem in your past history, be upfront about it and it will never haunt you later. Tell the truth, and you will find many people respect this. If is more common than you believe. Believe in yourself and your ability to be a good appraiser. This will work to your advantage.

Deadlines can mean death to an Appraiser! If you have a deadline and do not meet the deadline, you may have cost the firm a client, which may cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in gross revenue. Do you really think you will have a job if you have cost a firm a lot of money. Don't count on it. Keep appointments, be professional and if you have difficulty with a transaction, immediately explain the situation to your boss and he or she will work with you to correct the problem. Little problems become big problems when you do not ask for guidance. be humble, and learn from the help. Also, be prepared for constructive critical advise. Don't defend your mistake. Simply correct the problem, and move on. Being reactive can cost you a job and ultimately a career. You are still in training. Learn every day and in no time you will become a better appraiser.

Are You Willing To Work?... Are you willing to work on each and every appraisal? Are you willing to put in the hours necessary to achieve success in this field, or are you the type of person that will stop exactly at 5pm and not care about the needs of your boos, the firm and ultimately the lending institution. We understand you have a life, but the client also needs work to be performed in a timely fashion. they have a borrower that may be looking to you as the key to homeownership. You have a responsibility to everyone.

Extra Work... Extra Pay? Not if the mistake or the corrections are as a result of your mistakes. You may have to redo certain photos, drawings, floor plans, and no you will not be paid more money to fix your mistake. Take your time, look over your work, and remember the rule of thumb, measure twice and cut once. This saves you from having to perform an entirely new appraisal on the same home, for no new money!

We hope these tips have helped you in your desire to learn more about the field of appraisal. To learn and see the form, click on the form on the previous web site.