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Now that you have graduated the program offered by The Merrell Institute and the Appraisal Education Network School, you have the opportunity to work in an externship capacity, and actually do an appraisal. Many students feel this is essential in securing employment, since an employer wants to see a sample of the quality of your work. The process is simple, but make sure you follow each and every step to get it right.

  1. Actually Find the Home you wish to appraise. Technically this is your first REAL Appraisal Assignment.

  2. Once the home is found, perform a detailed inspection. Fill out page 1 of the URAR, draw a detailed diagram and take all appropriate photos as discussed during R1 and R2.

  3. 3. Select your comps- can help- You must send them the approved form we provide when you graduate as part of your certificates. They will send you back a file within 1 week (approx) in a PDF file for your use. You may have to also go down to town hall or the village for square feet, etc. In Nassau, go to the county web site for floor plans on each home as discussed in class. GEODATA will make available to you comparables for your first appraisal assignment. You MUST use the form from the the school, signed by the Instructor, or attach a copy of your R-1 certificate to prove you attended the program (FOR FORM-CLICK HERE), and submit to them your e-mail address. They will e-mail you comparables based upon the home your are appraising. The rest is up to you. If you don't send in the form in a timely fashion, you will not be able to receive the data from them.

  4. Once the assignment is complete, drop it off to us or mail it to us. Include a SELF ADDRESSED POSTAGE PAID RETURN ENVELOPE and we will review it for you professionally, and make suggestions as to how to make your appraisal better and meet FNMA guidelines.

  5. You now should make the needed corrections, and send it back to us 1 last time for review. Send it to us with a SELF ADDRESSED POSTAGE PAID RETURN ENVELOPE. We will review it a second time and return it to you. Make sure you have included all  photos required, diagrams, layouts, addendum notes part of the appraisal and the signed limiting condition sheet. Our students have access to these forms as an evaluation copy which was discussed in detail during the R-2 class. Download the needed software to make your life easier.

You are ready to enter the appraisal workforce. Completing your first appraisal assignment with us makes it easier. This externship/mock appraisal assignment is purely voluntary on the part of the student and the school. Submit all the information requested within 3 weeks of the program completion in order for us to make this service available to you. It is up to you. Many of our graduates have found it  easier to secure employment when they  provide actual appraisal assignments to show the quality of their work. It is all up to you. The regulations are getting stricter. The rules are increasing and the employment field is desiring more and more competent appraisers. Just getting by as a bare minimum is no longer the norm. You have a responsibility to yourself to excel in the field and give this field 110% of your energies. Success is not handed to anyone on a silver platter, it is earned. We, at the school hope you treat this career with the level of respect and education you need to succeed. Success takes time...Give yourself the time and energy to succeed. Do not give up and do not quit!

Much luck and success in your future goals!  Appraisal Education Network School  and the MERRELL INSTITUTE

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