USPAP HELP WITH THE FINAL EXAMINATION... It's not easy but it is worth the effort!

This site has been created as a section to help those who are about to take the 15 Hour NATIONAL USPAP Examination, as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation. The tests offered  are 50 question Multiple Choice questions, which are derived from the materials distributed and presented in class. Although the majority of students pass, and file for licensure in New York State, there are times when a student may not pass. They may not have studied as well as they should have, or quite simply, they may have been overwhelmed by test taking in general.  We recommend the following action to help with USPAP Final Test Taking

School's cannot share your grade with you, other than Pass/Fail . If you pass, you receive a Certificate and within 30-60 days you  receive a notice/letter from the Appraisal Foundation. Save their letter. Do not mail to to the state, since the School Certificate is sufficient for the State of New York. Keep the Notice from the Appraisal Foundation so you can show proof of your completion, and it also shows that the course was accredited by them. If you fail, you will have the opportunity of 1 make-up retest. Thereafter, you may be required to repeat the entire course. It is essential that you read and understand each term in the student manual BEFORE taking the test! Don't attempt to wing it...It doesn't work!

There are probably 100's other sites, and sites that charge fees to help you learn. Everyone is different. We recommend that you spend 7-10 hours studying the Student Manual before taking the retest or the test for the course in the first place.

To learn about these sites, go to and type in USPAP Study Guides- 653 web sites pop up! Good Luck!

For further information, call the school at 631-563-7720. Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- School Director
Appraisal Education Network School  1461 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716